Google ‘trip of a lifetime’ and, depending on whether you’re searching on Google globally or Google Australia, you get very different results.

If you search globally, top hit is Conde Nast Traveler magazine, which has compiled its ‘Dream List’ of ‘32 trips of a lifetime‘. These include the gorillas in the mist in Rwanda in Africa, elephants in Kenya and – to their credit – Aboriginal artefacts in the South Australian Museum in Adelaide (maybe not the first choice for many Australians). The list also takes in Mongolia, New Zealand and several European destinations, but surprisingly perhaps leaves off anywhere in the US or the UK.

Swap to Google Australia and there’s no clear top of the list (try it), but prominent in fourth spot was ‘XXXX-rated trip of a lifetime‘. Funnily enough, not what you might have expected, but an article in the Gladstone Observer about XXXX Island – an island bought by the famous brewery as a ‘blokes paradise’. The seven hectare island on the Great Barrier Reef is a 30min boat ride (aboard ‘The Schooner’ of course) from Yeppoon. It has a ‘man cave’, a ‘punters’ pavilion’ and plenty of tinnies (as in small boats), along with flat screen TVs, a pool table, a one hole golf course and an intricate pulley mechanism in the bar to get beers to your table.

The island, designed to be the ultimate ‘mates trip’ destination, can accommodate up to 24 guests looked after by four staff. The catch is that the island is only available to XXXX competition prize winners for a three day stay.

Or if you are more adventurously inclined, the team at US based Matador Trips have compiled a list of 10 impossibly amazing trips of a lifetime, from surfing from a helicopter in New Zealand, to trekking the jungles of Borneo to crossing the deserts of Egypt. Check out the whole list here (and then come back to us when you’re ready to book, so we can organise the loan!):

10 impossibly amazing trips of a lifetime

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